A Modern Kitchen with a Traditional Feel

Finding a hybrid of traditional materials and modern design elements to create a homely and welcoming kitchen for socialising and family.


This kitchen is just a few doors up from the other bungalow in Disley in which we fitted a modern Image Gloss kitchen. With this, we knew the layout and style of the property well and so could advise on design and installation logistics accordingly.

The couple wanted a dedicated space for socialising and for the kitchen to support their socialising spaces – namely the dining area and outside patio looking over the canal.

For the design, the couple wanted a modern feel but they tend to lean towards more traditional materials. So with this, we designed a hybrid using traditional materials such as the oak doors and granite worktop, but designing in curved corner units and longer drawers to give a modern feel.


The worktop is a 30mm granite – a traditional, standard depth worktop would be 40mm – so the slightly thinning lines enhance the modern feel of this kitchen.

Generally speaking, thinner lines and wider drawers give a modern feel and look to a kitchen. Whereas deeper worktops, cornice and pelmets, and smaller (but more) drawers are rooted in a traditional, classic kitchen design.

We made customised cornice and pelmets on site as the kitchen range from our suppliers come with a traditional, deeper design. By making 20mm thick cornice and pelmets it again enhanced the modern feel of the room, whilst still utilising the traditional materials.


Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional, shaker-style kitchen, we can work with you on the design to create a hybrid as many homeowners want the homely feel of traditional kitchens, whilst also having a modern 21st Century feel to their home.

If you think we can help you with this, feel free to get in touch and we can provide you a free consultation via video call or a home visit.

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