Zen & the Art of Kitchen Storage Solutions

When you’re thinking about your new kitchen, you naturally consider the look and style. But beyond that, the way you configure your storage solutions and the quality of the fittings are what will bring you joy as you use the kitchen.

Let’s look at how to bring the zen into cooking, making it fun rather than a frustrating experience.

I practically live in my kitchen – it’s more of a family room (we also have our dining table in there) and coming home after work I choose cooking as my way to wind down. I pop on some Kacey Musgraves or maybe some Nick Cave – it really depends on what I’m cooking – I get out my ingredients and then the magic starts.

My kitchen looks great – I have a solid oak worktop that works with the wooden floor (laminate, but you can’t tell). The doors I chose are a very tasteful grey with brushed steel cup handles. I was going for a classic look with a touch of the industrial.

There is a secret ingredient, however, to my home cooking experience that makes it so enjoyable – and it’s not the pomegranate molasses I pour on my salad dressing or the way my kitchen looks. What helps me wind down at the end of the day and enjoy cooking is the zen like storage solutions and, I kid you not, the quality of the hinges and drawer runners.

Let’s look at what I mean:

Drawers vs cupboards

Cupboards have their place, but when I want to grab a spice jar, a can of tomatoes, a pan or a root vegetable, I do not want to be scrabbling and reaching into the back of a cupboard. Deep drawers that glide effortlessly, so you can see everything with a clear arial view, maintain the cooking joy. Just lift out the pan, no metal crashing with a compliment of cursing.
Pull out a shallower drawer with all your spice jars waiting happily to be found – no frustrating blind reaching while you shout to your wife “I thought we had some hot smoked paprika?” Then when you need your zester (assuming you’re making gremolata) you casually pull out the secret internal cutlery drawer and there it is. Hello zester.
“I always thought she was in a foul mood, but actually she was just cooking in an old fashioned kitchen”
Having found things and extracted them without a sweat, just nudge the drawer and marvel at the glide and soft close action. No drawer slamming, it’s more of a graceful ballet in zero gravity.

Of course you need cupboards, put in just the right place – maybe for your wine glasses – and those too should feel just the right weight and close with the same majestic sweep with a slow motion finale.

I remember hearing my mother crashing pans and slamming cabinet doors. I always thought she was in a foul mood, but actually she was just cooking in an old fashioned kitchen. There was no zen cooking experience for her.

Watch this short drawer and cupboard action video, you’ll begin to see the light.

There are so many solutions for storing and easily accessing everything you use in the kitchen.

There are regular cupboards, deep drawers, kidney pull outs for corner units, tall larder pullouts and full height cupboards with drawers and shelves. When these are installed with top quality hinges and runners, the joy is tangible.

So, don’t just consider the look and layout of your kitchen – consider how you can configure the storage so you can find and reach things effortlessly and then you can really get back to enjoying using your kitchen and I guarantee it’ll become an activity to help you relax and unwind, as it does for me.

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