Indigo Blue is the new kitchen design classic

Taste in styles and colours come and go. Choosing something that seems tasteful now, but will remain so in a few years is essential when you’re investing in something that will last 10 years+, like a new kitchen.

People were big on glossy red and black kitchens that were all the rage a few years ago, but it’s likely they look dated already. Same goes for the natural wood look of the late 90s. It’s a real problem if your kitchen is looking dated when, for example, you’re trying to sell your house. Whilst it might still be in great condition, a look that’s out of style will make buyers see replacing it as part of their buying budget.

We’re seeing a rise in popularity in greys and certain earthy grey green colours, but one colour in particular is standing out and we think it will remain looking en vogue for years to come, because it is understated and classic in look.

Introducing Indigo Blue
Indigo blue is available in our Solent, metro and Vero giving you the colour in a choice of style finish – vinyl and matt painted.
affordable luxury kitchen hill kitchen co

White, grey and Indigo Blue in the Vero range

How to match Indigo Blue

What really makes the colour pop and look extra classic is to match it with a the thinner 20mm white quartz worktop. Though it works nicely with natural oak or lighter choice of laminate worth, the thin crisp edge of the 20mm quartz look fantastic. This works for super modern tastes and classic looks alike.
affordable luxury kitchen hill kitchen co

The Indigo Blue in the Metro range. Here, again, you see the thinner white quartz worktop and grey on the walls. This example is matched with bronze/copper handles

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