6 Kitchen Transformations: Unveiling Hill Kitchen Company’s 2024 Collections with Captivating Colours and Sleek Designs

We are thrilled to unveil our sensational new fitted kitchen ranges and an array of captivating colours that will redefine the heart of your home in 2024. From Shaker style to sleek handless designs, our new collections showcase a perfect blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair.

1. Hawkshaw Slim Frame Shaker Kitchen: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Introducing the Hawkshaw Slim Frame Shaker kitchen – a masterpiece that seamlessly fuses the charm of traditional Shaker style with a modern slim frame. This range captures the essence of craftsmanship, delivering a kitchen that stands out for its precision and sophistication. The Hawkshaw range is not just a kitchen; it’s a statement of refined taste.

The Hawkshaw Shaker range with dovetail joins, giving you bespoke kitchen quality at fitted kitchen prices.
2. Haddington – Classic Shaker Craftsmanship in Solid Ash Hardwood

Our classic Shaker range, the Haddington, takes a bold step forward in 2024 with new colours and the enduring strength of solid Ash Hardwood. Renowned for its durability and timeless appeal, the Haddington range now boasts a palette that includes Elizabethan Red, Mint, Moss Green, and Midnight Blue – allowing you to infuse your kitchen with personality and style.

The Haddington range, now with fresh new colours.
3. Bowland – Classic Meets Contemporary with Integrated Handles

The Bowland range is a celebration of classic and contemporary design, effortlessly blending traditional Shaker aesthetics with the sleek appeal of integrated handles. The introduction of new colours, such as the charming Rose, provides a modern twist on a retro favourite. Choose the Bowland range for a kitchen that harmoniously marries the best of both worlds.

The Bowland kitchen adds the modern twist of an integrated handle design merged with the rightly popular Shaker style.
4. Appleton – Slim Frame Shaker Style in Vibrant Painted Colours

The Appleton range takes slim frame Shaker style to new heights, offering a stunning selection of painted colours that bring vibrancy and personality to your kitchen. This range is designed for those who seek a balance between modern aesthetics and a touch of traditional charm.

The Appleton slim frame Shaker kitchen is available in tastefully vibrant and muted colours.
5. Exciting New Colours for Timeless Designs

Hill Kitchen Company is proud to present a palette of exciting new colours, including Moss Green, Elizabethan Red, Mint, and Midnight Blue. Create striking combinations like Moss Green with Bleached Stone or opt for a subtle two-tone mix of white and dust grey for a kitchen that reflects your unique style and taste.




Bleached Stone

Grey Mist

Storm Grey



Tyrolean Blue

Midnight Blue



Deep Lichen

Reed Green


Moss Green


Elizabethan Red



6. Glass-Fronted Cabinet Doors – Elegance Redefined

In addition to our stunning new colours, Hill Kitchen Company introduces glass-fronted cabinet doors with beautiful fluted glass. Elevate your kitchen’s sophistication with this exquisite feature, adding a touch of luxury that complements the overall aesthetic of our fitted kitchen ranges.

Add fluted glass to your cabinets for sophisticated elegance.
2024 – A stunning mix of new ranges and colours, ready to transform your kitchen

We believe in transforming kitchens into spaces that inspire, delight, and reflect the unique personalities of those who inhabit them. Our new fitted kitchen ranges and captivating colours for 2024 are designed to do just that – making your kitchen the heart of your home in every sense.

Embrace innovation, celebrate tradition, and discover the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle from Hill Kitchen Company. Order our brochure and book a home visit to discuss the beauty and functionality of our new collections first-hand. Elevate your kitchen experience with Hill Kitchen Company – where style meets substance and phenomenal service.

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