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It’s not everyday a customer is prepared to be on camera – our customer gives us a guided tour of her new kitchen just like a professional presenter (in fluffy slippers)! 👍

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Welcome to a kitchen that exudes warmth, functionality, and sheer beauty. Join us as we delve into the captivating features of Hill Kitchen Company, guided by the words of our wonderful, satisfied customer. From the delightful wine fridge to the thoughtfully designed workstations, and the bespoke lighting system, Hill Kitchen Company has mastered the art of creating kitchens that are both practical and visually stunning.

The Wine Fridge – A Toast to Elegance and Taste:
Step into this remarkable kitchen, and your eyes are immediately drawn to the wine fridge, lovingly referred to by our customer’s children as the “Diet Coke fridge.” This dedicated space ensures your favourite bottles are stored at the perfect temperature, ready for you to enjoy. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply appreciate the finer things in life, a wine fridge adds an air of sophistication to your culinary haven.

Cupboards and Workstations – Where Convenience Meets Creativity:
We understand that a kitchen should be a place where creativity flows freely. With well-designed cupboards and workstations, every aspect of your kitchen experience is considered. Our customer enjoys having a space where her grandchildren can effortlessly find what they need to play and create. This seamless integration of convenience and aesthetics is a core design value for Hill Kitchen Company.

The Larder – A Symphony of Organisation:
For those who appreciate an organized kitchen, a larder/workstation is a dream come true. This harmonious storage area houses everything from toasters to coffee essentials, ensuring a clutter-free environment. Embrace the serenity of having all your kitchen necessities neatly tucked away, allowing you to focus on the joys of cooking and entertaining and not worrying about mess!

Efficiency Redefined:
The efficiency of a kitchen is often a top priority and Hill Kitchen Company takes it to the next level. Every appliance is strategically placed, making your culinary journey seamless. With easy access to microwaves, ovens, warming trays, and dishwashers, you can effortlessly transition from one task to another without missing a beat. Our customer’s delight in the ease of emptying the dishwasher directly into the drawer exemplifies the company’s commitment to practicality. It’s the small details that make having a new kitchen worthwhile.

The Cutting-Edge Hob:
This kitchen features an induction hob. This technological marvel provides precise heat control and rapid response times, allowing you to channel your inner chef with ease. While our customer admits to a learning curve, the performance and functionality of this innovative addition are truly exceptional and worth making the switch.

Safety and Simplicity Harmonised:
Family safety is of paramount importance, and we ensure it is a top priority. The hot water tap, equipped with childproof features, offers both convenience and peace of mind. Our customer appreciates this thoughtful addition, emphasising its simplicity and reliability when it comes to protecting curious little ones.

Illuminating Brilliance – Let There Be Light:
Prepare to be mesmerised by, company owner, Ian’s lighting system, as described by our delighted customer. The expertly designed lighting options transform the kitchen into an ethereal sanctuary. With the guidance of Ian’s design, the customer was able to have a bespoke lighting masterpiece, enhancing the kitchen’s beauty and ambiance. Bask in the gentle glow as you create culinary magic in this wonderful space.

Hill Kitchen Company has curated a kitchen that surpasses expectations, fusing practicality, style, and innovation into a harmonious whole. This remarkable kitchen, now enjoyed by our customer and her family, showcases the company’s dedication to creating spaces that are both functional and visually striking. Embark on a culinary journey with Hill Kitchen Company and discover a world where elegance, efficiency, and artistry coexist. Step into your dream kitchen and let it become the heart of your home.

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