2 Inexpensive kitchen ranges with wow factor

Hill Kitchen Co offers two particular ranges which are perfect if you’re looking to spend less – but their style might just suit you even if you have a big budget for your new kitchen.

Let’s introduce the Temp & Avola ranges and look at 3 ways you can use them in your design for real wow factor.

Why are Avola & Tempo less expensive?

Our Avola and Tempo ranges less expensive because they are made from MFC board (multi-finish laminated chipboard) and then finished with a very high quality PVC edge. They feel great to the touch, with just the right weight and they’re solid and hard wearing.

Variety of finishes

Between the two ranges there is a choice of 9 finishes to choose from including colour, wood and stone effects. There are also glass front options for each. What makes these finishes so good is, despite being man-made, they give a very natural, earthy and modern feel to your kitchen.

3 ways to style for wow factor

1. Accent doors – perfect for the Scandi look

The key component of the much loved Scandi look is a natural, uncluttered and spacious feel – using a natural look finish in matt, alongside a modern gloss as an accent can help achieve this.

The Avola and Tempo finishes are perfect for accent doors. Some of the finishes might look a bit overbearing used for the entire kitchen, especially in a smaller space or a large floor to ceiling wall of cupboards. Used as accents for colour and texture within another plain colour range can really add a focus to the kitchen room, breaking up the design to prevent the main finish choice from being visually overwhelming.

affordable luxury kitchen hill kitchen co

Tempo Halifax Oak with Stone Grey – this example has more space than the average kitchen, but it would work well in small and medium spaces too.

2. Worktop choice

Using the Avola or Tempo finishes as an accent, we recommend complimenting this with thin granite or quartz. A light stone can really lift the design and choosing a thinner depth is both less expensive and looks like a fantastic, deliberate design choice – making your kitchen look and feel very high quality.

You can of course achieve a similar effect with the right choice of finish using a laminate worktop if your budget doesn’t stretch to quartz or granite.

affordable luxury kitchen hill kitchen co
Note how the white thin quartz worktop lends a coherence and light touch of quality to the overall design.

Here you can see the combination of Temp Lines Driftwood in matt, combined with Image Lines Grey Mist Gloss. This is a perfect example of using a strong accent to create a kitchen that looks designed with care and thought, rather than feeling nice but bland.

3. Handle and Tap and sink choice

The choice you make for your handles is crucial as it can completely change the kitchen look. To really finish off the look with Temp and Avola, we recommend the using of our Wide Miami trim handle. It creates an almost handleless impression and give the doors a quality, modern finish. Practically they are great to use, giving just the right amount of purchase as you open and close your soft close drawers and cabinets.

Wide Miami Trim Handle – Hardly seen, but stylish and providing ample purchase.
New Media Single Lever Tap -a stylish and no-faff addition to finish your kitchen.

Our favourite tap choice for this style is the New Media. Combine this with a dark resin sink and your kitchen will really stand out adding value to one of the most important spaces in your home.

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