Hill Kitchen Co. – Working in Your Home During Covid19

Our priority is the safety of our workers and our customers. Currently, we are still able to visit your home to install kitchens and carry out our work. We take Covid19 very seriously and have policies in place to protect you and our workers. Please read our policies below:

Appointments (such as measuring your kitchen)

If possible we will use remote video tools.

If we attend we will:

Only necessary participants will attend to help maintain social distance.

To avoid transmission, we will not share pens, documents or other objects.

If possible the kitchen should be well ventilated during the visit with doors and windows open.

If you or anyone else in the household is in the high risk category, please alert us ahead of the visit.

We will wear masks, gloves and avoid touching surfaces. Anywhere we have been will be wiped down at the end of the visit.

Travelling to site

Where possible we will travel to a work site in separate vehicles. If we have no option we will follow government guidlines:

If workers have no option but to travel together, for example delivery teams, the following should be encouraged:

– arranging for journeys should be with the same individuals and limiting the number of people travelling per vehicle

– maintaining good ventilation, for example, keeping windows open and passengers facing away from one another to reduce risk of transmission

– cleaning vehicles regularly using gloves and standard cleaning products, with emphasis on handles and other areas where passengers may touch surfaces

– employers or agencies matching workers to households local to them, where possible, to minimise transportation

– washing hands on arrival and maintaining social distancing when entering the home

Moving around when working in your home

Only those who absolutely need to attend the site will do so.

We will ask that you leave all internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles.

If possible, we will avoid busy and narrow areas such as stairs and corridors.

We will take breaks outside and will provide our own food and drink to avoid using household utensils.

We will operate a fixed pairing system if our workers must work in close proximity.

We will allocate the same workers to a household where we must make multiple visits.

We will use PPE, but not in place of other forms of risk management.

Cleaning the work area

We will endeavour to clean objects and surfaces regularly.
We will remove our own waste and PPE will be disposed of in non-recycling waste.

We will maintain good ventilation of the kitchen or other rooms we are working in.


If you have concerns and want to ask us any questions, please do so – get in touch here.

Our guidelines are all based on recommendations made by the uk government: