A fluid corner pull-out is an elegant solution for maximising your kitchen storage.

We recommend the Peka Fluid Corner unit in our designs because it is incredibly sturdy, easy to use with a smooth motion and it means no more expeditions on your knees to reach for forgotten kitchen appliances or out of date tins.

What is so great about the fluid Corner pull-out?

Maximum Use of Space – makes the best use of space that is usually wasted or causes frustration.

Non-Slip – The shelves have a non slip coating which mean items do not slide around as you pull and push.

Perfectly Balanced Motion – The shelves  glide out smoothly  independently for easier access to the lower shelf.

All the Way Out – Shelves pull-out fully into the open from the cupboard in a smooth swivel movement, allowing them to be loaded easily from above.

Height Adjustable Shelves – The height of the upper shelf can be adjusted, even after the system has been installed.

Big Capacity – The unit is designed to take up to 55kg in weight. That’s a lot of beans.

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